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Digital Audio

Digital Audio

Digital Audio

Music the Way the Artist Intended 

Advantages of digital audio over analog:

Accessibility: All your music can be stored on a digital storage system or wirelessly streamed to the source of your choice.

Storage: To save 1000 CDs, you need a 6x4 foot tower – even more for vinyl. About 1500 CDs can be saved on one terabyte of digital storage, with no wear and tear!

Reduced cost of equipment:You no longer need the finest turntable with the best stylus, the most efficient amplifier, and outstanding speakers to hear all the intricacies of the original recording.

What is Hi-Res Audio?

  • Hi-Res Audio

    Hi-Res Audio

    Raise the Bar with Hi-Res Audio

    A new element to Sony’s products, the Hi-Res audio series delivers a higher level of fidelity than MP3s or CDs. Discover subtle details, nuances, and clarity of sound like you’ve never heard before.

    The series includes:

    • Headphones, DACs, amps, receivers, hard drive-based players, and speakers.
    • HAP-S1: An all-in-one tuner, pre-amp, DAC, class A/B amplifier, and expandable 500GB hard drive-based source.
    • HAP-Z1ES: A world class tuner and source with 1 terabyte of storage for existing systems.
  • Higher Bit Rate

    Higher Bit Rate

    More Data Recorded

    The audio file is digitized at a much higher sampling and bit rate than the standard 16bit/44.1kHz for CDs. The most common Hi-Res specifications are 24 bit/96 kHz and 24 bit/192kHz.

    Here is how the data transfer rates compare:

    • MP3 – 320 kilobits per second (kbit/s)
    • CD – 1411 kbit/s
    • Hi-Res – 9216 kbit/s – Almost 29 times more information than MP3!

    Come in and hear the difference. It is all just numbers until you experience it.

What are the Options?

Sonos is a great brand that offers wirelessly streamed music that can be played anywhere and accessed by a phone, tablet, or computer. We have been with Sonos for over 11 years and know all the intricacies inside and out. 

If you are looking for the ultimate Hi-Res experience, we can set you up with components from the new Sony Hi-Res collection.

Here's a comparison of digital conversion of 16 bit and 24 bit conversion to the original source.

Higher Bit Rate

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