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Epson Projectors

Epson Projectors

  • Epson Projectors

    Why Epson?

    Benefits of Epson Projectors:

    Epson is the industry leader in projector development and sales. Here's why:

    • Brighter colours
    • Higher image resolution
    • HDMI and/or wireless options
    • Easy to set up
    • Long-lasting lamps
  • Epson Projectors


    Seeing is Believing 

    Do you need an upgrade to your existing projector? Consider the following questions:

    • Are you limited by your source inputs? Wish you had HDMI?
    • Can you connect your devices through your projector?
    • Does your projector have 4k ultra high definition capability?
    • Are the images still bright and crisp?
    • Have you changed homes?
  • Home Theatre

    High Performance Home Theatre

    Choose National Audio Video 

    At National Audio Video, we guide you through the selection process:

    • Matching your projector with the ideal screen.
    • Helping you choose your audio components.
    • Installing and calibrating your system.
    • Teaching you to use all your equipment.
    • Providing support with our in-house service department.

Cinema Series

Home Cinema Series

Big-screen movie and gaming projection — great for ceiling or tabletop installation

Value Home Theatre Projectors

Affordable, high-quality home theatre projectors and portable gaming projectors that include speakers and have HDMI/MHL connectivity.

  • 6 models to choose from
  • 2 year warranty

High-Performance Home Theatre Projectors

1080p HD projectors with stunning, superior image quality and high contrast.

  • 10 models to choose from
  • 2 year warranty

Pro Cinema Projectors

High-end, HD home cinema projectors for professionally-installed, dedicated home theater systems.

  • 7 models to choose from including 3 ultra bright models (for systems in bright rooms, media rooms, or for big screen projection)
  • 3 year warranty
  • extra bulb included at no additional cost
  • ceiling mount included

Epson Video: Epson iProjection App


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