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Dream Home Theatre

Create Your Dream Home Theatre

National Audio Video carries a wide selection of respected brands to create that one-of-a-kind home theatre you’ve been dreaming of. Your custom home theatre is a great place to bring together your family and friends.

Family's Lifestyle

Enhance Your Family's Lifestyle

Bring family and friends together for a truly personal cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home.

We can help you combine audio, video, lighting and automation to make your movies, TV, sports or gaming come alive with amazing sound and imagery.

It All Starts with Design

Everything wonderful starts with good design, and that’s where we come in. Together we create your ideal entertainment space.

If you're building your home, bring in your blueprints before the drywall is up and we'll design your dream home theatre system.


Things to Consider:

Home Theater or Media Room?

First, decide what the room is for: Will it be a multi-purpose living area or mainly a home theater room? 

Screen Size and Viewing Distance

We can help you choose the ideal size and location for your video screen. 

Some things to consider are the following:

  • Do you want a fixed or moveable screen?
  • Are speakers going behind the screen?
  • What material suits the lighting in your environment best?

We have the training and use industry standard recommendations to find the best screen size and location for the ideal experience.

Acoustics are Vital

We'll help you choose the speakers you need to produce theatre-quality sound. The center speaker needs to be matched with similar sounding front speakers, then we'll help you choose rear, in-ceiling speakers, and a subwoofer(s).

We may recommend sound panels to absorb, diffuse, or reflect sound and can dramatically improve your audio experience.

Then the placement of the speakers, seating position, and the calibration of the equipment can all be optimized for maximum accuracy and performance. 

With names like Bowers & Wilkins, Monitor Audio, and Totem Acoustics, your system will ROCK! 

  • Projector

    Which Projector?

    Projector Considerations

    • Which aspect ratio do you want?
    • What resolution is best for you?
    • How bright should it be?
    • How much contrast do you need?
    • What are your installation constraints?
    • What will it cost?

    Let us help you find the right projector to give you years of viewing pleasure from industry leaders like Sony and Samsung.

  • receiver

    Which receiver?

    The Right Receiver

    AV receivers are the central hub all of your AV equipment, but there is a lot of choice. To help narrow it down, consider the following:

    • Are there enough of the inputs that you need?
    • Does it have the latest surround sound processing technology?
    • Will it connect to your apple or android devices?

    We'll help you select the best receiver for your custom home theater room.

  • Calibrate

    Putting it all together

    Install, Calibrate, and Control

    Our installation team will bring your system to life!

    • We use our professional equipment to calibrate and optimize your audio and video to its full potential.
    • Spend a few extra bucks on a great remote control or lighting to add more wow factor to your creation and simplify the operation.
    • When your installation is complete, we will show you how to have fun with your new system.

    Afterward, rest easy knowing we have an in-house service department only a phone call away.

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