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Perfect TV For Every Application

The Perfect TV For Every Application

TVs continue to evolve and improve. We keep up with changing technology and offer the best value and most current TVs from industry leaders like Samsung and Sony. 

Come into our Edmonton showroom and see what’s new! We can deliver, install and set up your new TV so you can enjoy it for years to come.

So What’s New with TVs?

4K and Ultra High Definition

4K resolution and aka “Ultra High Definition” is gaining momentum in the best TVs available. Recent models of TVs have 1080p; the new 4K, or 4000 lines of resolution, has about four times as many pixels. That’s a difference of 6 million pixels!

Why Do Pixels Matter?

More pixels means more information is captured, which means sharper, more engaging images. The difference is stunning – so much more nuance and detail - seeing is believing!

  • Curved TVs

    Curved TVs


    Curved TVs Increase Your Viewing Pleasure

    • The concave shape reduces the number of reflections by eliminating certain angles from which they can be created.
    • Curved TVs improve the viewing experience for individuals sitting off-center.
    • Curved screens deliver a greater sense of immersion and minimize viewing distortion at the sides of the screen.
    • Curved objects are more pleasing to the eye aesthetically than straight edges.

Come in and see for yourself if a curved TV is right for you!

Smart Features

A smart TV, sometimes referred to as connected TV or hybrid TV, is a television with integrated Internet. No longer is your TV just a viewing screen. It is a versatile multi-tasker where you can check a weather app, watch Netflix, update Facebook, stream music, and play content from your devices!


Enhance Your TV with Sleek Sound Bar

An easy, cost effective way to enhance your existing TV is to add a sound bar, which supplements the TV’s lackluster speakers. The sound that these speakers deliver is quite amazing. Add a sub somewhere in the room to have even better sound.

The sound bar can be mounted discreetly below your wall-mounted TV or sit on a stand in front of your stand-mounted TV. We have options from Sonos, Bowers and Wilkins, and Monitor Audio.


Is it time to Update Your TV?

When considering whether to upgrade, assess if your TV has the following:

  • Vivid color and crisp image detail
  • Smart features
  • 4K resolution
  • HDMI inputs
  • Image breakdown when you sit close

Creative Solutions for Viewing Challenges

We can help you find the right TV even for challenging locations: 

A TV on a fireplace wall can be nearly impossible to get to the proper viewing height. A fully automated lift  brings the TV down to viewing level with the touch of a button. And a TV mount can swivel to change the angle up to 90 degrees so that it can be viewed from different rooms.

Our installation department will deliver, set up your new TV, and make sure it works with all your other components.

Electric TV Wall Mount - Future automation PSE90

The distinctive range of products from Future Automation allows AV products to be integrated within the fabric of a room like never before, making them as unobtrusive, effective, and as easy to operate as possible. Their product range includes: television lifts, wall mounts, projector lifts, moving panel mechanisms, ceiling mounts, din rail enclosures, motorised pocket doors, cabinet airflow control products and motorised shades.

And Don’t Forget the Speakers!

Wonderful viewing without amazing sound drastically reduces the whole experience. We have speakers for even the most complex rooms that won’t compromise on sound or aesthetics. There are ceiling-mount, in-wall options, or even speakers that can fit under your couch. 

To read more about our speaker lines, visit our home audio section.

Come by our Edmonton showroom to see what we can offer.

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