Why Work with an Integrator?

Experience the ease of smart home integration that unites style and automation.

The Joy of Smart Home Integration

Awaken your Edmonton, St. Albert, or Sherwood Park home with one button tap or a pre-programmed smart scene. Every device integration is designed to make your life simpler.
We’re dedicated to continual professional advancement and have a neverending interest in customizable home integration.
We’re able to deliver a phenomenal final product because of our many years of expertise that set us apart from our competitors.
We expertly pair innovative device functionality with beautiful design to offer our clients a simpler yet more luxurious lifestyle.


Even the most advanced DIY homeowner has limitations to their time, knowledge, and skills. A smart home integrator understands the infrastructure demands that one or one hundred connected devices place on your Edmonton home. They ensure all necessary electrical and networking loads are in place to fully support your advanced smart technology systems.

A home integration professional looks at your custom integration project with a bird’s-eye view and understands that each component needs to work in coordination with one another in an easy-to-use, intuitive control interface. They utilize the latest design and programming best practices to ensure time-tested performance.
Person unplugging cable from server
Distributed AV
Orchestrate powerful audio and video systems to immerse yourself in action once you press the Play button.
Lighting & Shades
Coordinate natural and artificial lighting to improve wellness and showcase your home at its best.
Whole-Home Automation
Robust technology management provides homeowners comprehensive control of their property.


Our many years of experience as a smart home integrator in Edmonton speaks volumes, and we bring a reliable and trustworthy skillset to your home. Complex technology systems require extensive training and time-tested understanding which only comes about with extensive hands-on experience.

Connecting multiple subsystems isn’t as simple as plugging them in and hoping for the best. Considering product compatibility, communication protocols, lighting and electrical loads, and more are all in a day’s work for our team.
Person fixing security camera
Leverage our experience to transform how you live in your home.
Decades of hands-on field experience are behind all of our projects.
Your advanced technology systems will work as designed for years to come.


Unifying style and functionality are at the heart of the customized smart home experience. A professional integrator marries the beauty of architecture with sophisticated craftsmanship.

Television displays blend into walls and hide into the ceiling, while speakers sing without being seen. A bespoke automated home brings style, convenience, and efficiency to your everyday living experience without screaming for attention.
Person installing TV
Systems blend thoroughly into the background of your living spaces, meant to be experienced without being obtrusive.
Superior craftsmanship blends advanced technology systems with beautiful properties.
Attention to Detail
One-tap control of your smart devices creates a unique lifestyle that looks and feels luxurious.
You Need a Professional’s Expertise
If you’re eager to hand over the reins of luxury living to a smart home integrator, then it’s time to reach out. Leave the smaller projects to the DIY enthusiasts and enlist the assistance of a professional to assist your home in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, or St. Albert.

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