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Soundboks - The Ultimate Portable Speaker


Take Loud, High Quality Audio Anywhere

Take it into the back yard or out to the lake. The Soundboks offer excellent sound quality and high output with the convenience of portable battery powered bluetooth speaker. Soundboks come in 2 sizes, feature a replaceable rechargeable battery and is compatible with a variety of accessories. 

Visit our store in Edmonton, AB and experience it for yourself. Hearing is believing! 

Switch on. Connect. Turn up to 11. Press play.


Explore the Magic of Home Automation

A home with an open floor plan, numerous light fixtures, and windows overlooking trees at dusk.

Discover the Benefits of Living in a Smart Home 

Imagine a home that prepares itself in advance. You wake to the perfect climate with window shades automatically rising, letting sunlight stream into your bedroom. When you walk into the kitchen, the morning newscaster is already discussing the weather, and the lighting reflects the color of the rising sun. 

And on it goes throughout the day, a home programmed to provide you with unrivaled luxury living, crafting the ideal environment from morning until night. 

At National Audio Video, we partner with RTI control, enabling our home automation experts to elevate your environment in remarkable ways. Let’s explore the possibilities for your Edmonton, AB, home.

Can Acoustic Wall Panels Really Soundproof Your Home?


Maximize Home Comfort and Privacy with Acoustic Wall Panels

Excessive echoes and loud noises can be frustrating. From the non-stop traffic to your neighbors' chatter and the kids causing a commotion in the playroom, those sounds can interfere with your peace and concentration when trying to work, enjoy a film, or converse with a friend. 

Homeowners in Edmonton, AB, are embracing acoustic wall panels as a solution to block out excess sound. Below, we explore if they actually work to soundproof your home. Keep reading to learn more!

The Power of Home Assistant Voice Control in Sherwood Park


Exploring's Voice Commands for Easy Living

We’re living in a time when you can control your devices with just your voice. With the power of voice control, there’s no need to press any buttons. is one of the leaders in this technology, offering a sophisticated voice assistant that seamlessly works with your smart home system. Let's take a closer look at how home assistant voice control in Sherwood Park is transforming how you live in your space.


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