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Whole-Home Audio Brings High-Performance Sound to Every Room

Sonance Invisible speakers in a living room with windows looking out over the pool.

Experience the Invisible Sound of Sonance Throughout Your Home

Imagine waking to the sound of waves breaking gently along a shoreline. When you head to the kitchen, the sound transforms to your “Good Morning!” playlist, energizing your every step. The music is crystal-clear and pure and seemingly coming from an invisible source. That’s the power of whole-home audio.

At National Audio Video, we partner with industry leaders in smart home and audio-video technology. In the world of architectural speakers, one of our favorite brands is Sonance. Through the use of invisible speakers, we provide pristine music and sound throughout your entire home that automatically adjusts based on scheduling or with one touch. 

Let’s explore how whole-home audio is transforming lifestyles in St. Albert.

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Transform Your Home with LED Lighting Fixtures

A woman in a bedroom lit with blue-green, purple, and magenta LED lighting.

Change Your Lighting for Every Occasion with One Touch

There was a time when home lighting remained at one consistent hue, soft or bright white light. While the ability to dim lights has been around for many years, the colour of the lighting has always remained fairly constant. LED lighting fixtures changed that.

Now, we can experience lights in every colour on the visible light spectrum from a single source. That's about 17 million shades, from artic blue and indigo to soft amber and ruby red, as well as every colour in between. 

So, what does that mean for homeowners in Edmonton? They can now change the lighting to suit any and every occasion with one touch on an elegant keypad or remote. Let’s explore the possibilities in the blog below.

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5 Reasons to Install Motorized Shades

Luxury home with Lutron motorized shades.

Lutron Shades Provide Convenience, Beauty, and Opportunities to Save Energy

Motorized shades are one of the most popular smart home technologies on the market. Why? Well, not only are motorized shades beautiful, but they also provide homeowners with more control over their homes, increase security, protect their belongings, and so much more. Motorized window treatments from companies like Lutron can truly improve your home in Sherwood Park, AB, and your daily routine. Check out these five reasons you should install motorized blinds in your home.

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Projector Evolution


From CRT to Lamps to Laser

Video projectors have come a long way. They used to be large, heavy and not very bright, utilizing red, green and blue cathode ray tubes that needed to be aligned just right to achieve the best image. With chip production being more commonplace, manufacturers engineered a new solution. A chip based image processor (ie. LCD, DLP or LCOS chip) and utilized a lamp as the light source. This enabled the projectors to get smaller, brighter and less expensive. But the cost of lamps,  the visible loss of brightness as they age and shorter life span have been a major setback for lamps. LEDs have been used as an alternative, but they haven't been able to achieve the brightness level needed for video projection like we are seeing with laser. The other advantages of laser have been faster startup times, better contrast and black levels, and lifespans equivalent to LED (20,000 hours+). As more and more laser based projectors have started becoming available the price has been coming down even as the quality goes up. JVC was one of the first manufacturers to make available true 4k laser projectors (we now have the JVC DLA-RS2100 on display) and we are eagerly anticipating more models from other manufacturers such as the highly anticipated Epson LS-12000. Stay tuned!!

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