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Projector Evolution


From CRT to Lamps to Laser

Video projectors have come a long way. They used to be large, heavy and not very bright, utilizing red, green and blue cathode ray tubes that needed to be aligned just right to achieve the best image. With chip production being more commonplace, manufacturers engineered a new solution. A chip based image processor (ie. LCD, DLP or LCOS chip) and utilized a lamp as the light source. This enabled the projectors to get smaller, brighter and less expensive. But the cost of lamps,  the visible loss of brightness as they age and shorter life span have been a major setback for lamps. LEDs have been used as an alternative, but they haven't been able to achieve the brightness level needed for video projection like we are seeing with laser. The other advantages of laser have been faster startup times, better contrast and black levels, and lifespans equivalent to LED (20,000 hours+). As more and more laser based projectors have started becoming available the price has been coming down even as the quality goes up. JVC was one of the first manufacturers to make available true 4k laser projectors (we now have the JVC DLA-RS2100 on display) and we are eagerly anticipating more models from other manufacturers such as the highly anticipated Epson LS-12000. Stay tuned!!

4 Innovative Features of Lighting Automation


Elevate Your Lifestyle With Easy-to-Use Home Lighting

The lighting in a home determines how people are going to feel and experience the space. Good lighting makes a space feel warm and welcoming, while poor lighting makes a room feel uncomfortable and can negatively impact mood. Lighting is essential, and adding smart lighting automation to your home in the St. Albert region can transform your daily lifestyle.

Automated and smart control lighting is extremely easy to use and can truly elevate your daily routines. By improving lighting, you’ll likely experience a boost in your mood, productivity, and restfulness. Here’s how lighting automation works to make life more enjoyable and convenient.

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How Smart Home Automation Simplifies Everyday Life


Trust the All-In-One Approach of a Smart Home System 

Some people think smart technology’s more trouble than it’s worth. And in some cases, we can see their point. After all, if you need to pull out your phone to adjust the lights, then find a separate remote for the motorized shades, is that really ‘smarter’ than the old way of doing things? 

But to smart home skeptics, we’d tell them that they haven’t seen a true smart home yet. Disorder and confusion are only issues in DIY smart homes. On the contrary, a professionally-installed smart home system consolidates all your technologies into the same sophisticated interface. 

No more juggling and switching between platforms. You can manage your whole Edmonton house with the same app, remote, or control panel. Here’s how smart home automation will simplify your daily routines and ease the stresses of modern life. 

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Doing It Right the First Time: Professional Home Theater Design


Top Considerations in a Home Theater Installation

As the technology surrounding home theaters continues to advance, so does the demand. After all, these entertainment spaces offer movie viewing that rivals the best cinemas in town, with surround sound and brilliant lifelike images that take your breath away. Or, at least, it can. 

Achieving the immersive cinematic experience requires that all components are correctly chosen, calibrated, and installed with precision. If you don’t have the expertise and knowledge of a professional home theater installer, going DIY is difficult at best and disastrous at worst. 

Let’s explore the details of home theater design and how the entertainment space in your Sherwood Park home benefits from a professional installer.

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