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How An Elegant Lighting Design Elevates Your Home


It’s natural to want your home to look nice. Organized and well-designed homes are more than just aesthetically pleasing, they can also elevate your lifestyle. Lighting is one of the most crucial parts of home design. It can affect how your home looks and how you experience it. That’s why so many people choose to incorporate smart lighting design into their homes. 

Ketra by Lutron is one of the best smart lighting solutions available. It’s easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and can transform how you experience your home. Keep reading to learn more about Ketra and how it can elevate your Edmonton home.

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Did you know we sell lighting?


Why should I care about light?

Light! It’s an incredibly important part of our world, and experts are quickly realizing that how we light our homes and workplaces can have a dramatic impact on our lives.

When building or renovating homes, there is a lot of time spent on picking paint, flooring, counter tops, art, furniture and more. Yet most of us spend little time thinking about how we light it. When you get a color or fabric sample, what is the first thing you do? Go over to the window and see what it looks like in the sun! Why? Because this is the best source of light there is. 

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Bowers and Wilkins 801D4


A Flagship Loudspeaker Refined

With the recent changes to the 800 series Bowers and Wilkins has further refined their performance with the new D4 series. From the ultimate Matrix™, reinforcing the cabinet in new ways, to the new Biomimetic Suspension system instead of the traditional spider on the midrange driver, Bowers and Wilkins has brought the performance of the entire 800 D4 series to a whole new level. The new 801D4s combine them all together to make this a truly worthy flagship. We invite you to come and hear these amazing new loudspeakers in our store!!

The Frame


Imagine not having to compromise between functionality and style, this TV has both. Is your spouse nagging you about those wires showing behind your TV equipment? Or maybe ignoring your suggestion to get a new TV because it doesn't go with the interior design? There’s finally a product to keep, spouses, designers and big screen TV fans happy. Introducing Samsung’s The Frame, a sleek TV that works with your style.

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