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5 Features Your Whole-Home Audio System Should Have

A Sonos in-all speaker in a whole-home audio system.

Get Discreet, Distributed, and High-Fidelity Sound Throughout Your Home

A whole-home audio system can transform your Sherwood Park home with high-fidelity sound that you can listen to anywhere. Enjoy your favorite music in the bedroom, kitchen, living room, or outdoors - the choice is yours! But for a truly luxurious audio experience, working with a professional audio/video team is best to ensure you get vital features that create unrivaled listening experiences. 

Check out five features your multi-room audio system should include in our blog article below!

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1. Hidden Speakers

You want to listen to music, TV audio, and podcasts throughout your residence, but that doesn’t mean you want bulky speakers taking up space and disrupting your design. Architectural speakers can be installed directly into your wall or ceiling to deliver a big sound from a practically invisible speaker. They’re designed to blend in, and some even have paintable grilles to seamlessly hide in plain sight in any room.

2. Distributed Audio

You’ll want your songs to carry throughout your home, from room to room. That’s why you need a distributed audio system. A professional AV integrator can engineer, design, and install a speaker system that encompasses any room while being manageable by one intuitive control interface. You’ll be able to hear the latest streaming tunes, your digital music collection, or an LP in every living area without needing to blast the volume.

3. Easy to Use and Control

Don’t waste unnecessary time trying to get your sound system to work. You deserve a whole-home audio system that is easy to use. Consider adding your new or upgraded speakers to your home automation system, too, so you can easily select the room and music you want to listen to. Your entire music library is at your fingertips!

4. Listening Zones

More than likely, everyone in your household has very different tastes in music. That’s why you should have a sound system that utilizes separate listening zones. With audio zones, you can enjoy a podcast downstairs in the living room while your kids listen to their playlists in their bedrooms. It’s music for the whole family!

5. Outdoor Speakers

Your whole-home audio system doesn’t have to begin and end indoors. Incorporate weatherproof outdoor speakers that mount directly on the gazebo, under eaves, or throughout your landscaping. These speakers are durable enough to withstand rain, snow, wind, debris, and anything else the weather throws your way. Your next outdoor gathering just became more exciting!


Raise the bar on property-wide audio with a system that your entire family can enjoy. To get a high-quality sound system in your home, contact National Audio Video today! We can’t wait to help you achieve superior listening experiences from the comfort of home.

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