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Meet the companies that we call partners. They form the foundation of our product specifications thanks in part to their best-in-class performance, breadth of product offering and ongoing technological innovation.

Brands We Carry

  • Atlona
  • BDi
  • Bluesound
  • Chief
  • Cirrus
  • Da-lite
  • Denon
  • Dahua Cameras
  • Escape
  • Flexson
  • Front Row
  • Grado
  • HEOS
  • Hifi-Rose
  • Hush Acoustics
  • Isoacoustics
  • James Loudspeakers
  • JVC
  • Kalidescape
  • Kimber Kable
  • Krell
  • LAST
  • Legacy Audio
  • Mantle Mount
  • Panamax
  • Primacoustic
  • Rotel
  • Salamander Designs
  • Samsung
  • Sanus
  • Sennheiser
  • SI
  • Sonance
  • SONY
  • Stewart
  • Trans Rotor
  • Triode
  • URC
  • Vicoustic
  • Yamaha

Networks have more stringent performance and bandwidth requirements than ever before, and Araknis is the go-to solution for IT experts in both residential and commercial environments. For best-in-class functionality and support, Araknis offers the ultimate dependability through their wide range of networking products. Operate the network seamlessly when you want to find new features, set new security access levels or expand the system. Routers, access points and switches undergo thorough testing in a variety of environments. Diagnose and resolve problems before they become an issue through the company’s trademark OvrC software. Using this cloud management platform, we remotely monitor all your network-enabled devices. We’ll troubleshoot issues and reboot devices to help you avoid on-site service calls and extensive downtime.


Enhance your home audio-video quality with AudioQuest’s line of speaker and HDMI cables. Drawing on decades of experience, AudioQuest cables deliver unprecedented value and performance for all applications. Audiophiles often like to gauge quality based on ear tests, but at AudioQuest, all cables are developed and judged using a scientific process. Every piece of your home entertainment system matters, but cables often get left out of the equation. Opting for low-end cables will result in damage to your components and dull or irritating sound. AudioQuest is dedicated to bridging the space between your sources and speakers with little to no effect on the signal. AudioQuest cables reduce signal deterioration and coloration for a result true to the original without losing any important details along the way.

Bowers and Wilkins

Universally loved by audiophiles and recording professionals, Bowers & Wilkins is believed by many to offer the best loudspeakers in the world. They are so synonymous with luxury sound that they’re the official audio solution for all Jaguar car models. For more than 50 years, they have been the standard bearers in the hi-fi world through handcrafted speakers, superior grade materials and industry-leading audio engineering. They introduced the use of Kevlar and Diamond for the ultimate in pure, striking sound reproduction, and their audio engineering delivers expansive depth and clarity. Despite being best known for their flagship loudspeakers, B&W now offers the same exacting audio standard to their line of headphones, subwoofers, architectural speakers and even their stylish wireless speakers.

Bowers and Wilkins

Leverage Epson’s long history of electronic innovation with their line of commercial and home cinema projectors, which deliver striking, dynamic quality for projection made perfect. Their wide range of projectors is ideal for home theater enthusiasts who enjoy watching sports, TV shows or movies. With images up to 300”, you can relish the big-screen experience in the comfort of home. Meanwhile, 4K video resolution and advanced color processing offer unprecedented detail ideal for both residential and commercial settings. With ultra-bright models available, you can enjoy dynamic images, even with ambient lighting in the room. Dealing with a small space in your home or office? Explore Epson’s high-performance, short-throw projectors that can sit just a few feet from the screen.


Since 1979, France-based Focal has been creating benchmark acoustic equipment in the form of home audio loudspeakers, headphones, car speaker drivers and monitor loudspeakers with one goal in mind: to open a gateway to new sensations that allow audiophiles to experience pleasure in its purest form. Focal audio solutions push the limits of sound to offer a truly unique, high-fidelity listening experience that honors the artist’s musical creation. Thrill your senses with Focal’s vast collection of stunning hardwired and wireless speakers for your dedicated listening room, home theater or whole-home audio system.

Future Automation

A market leader in innovative display mounting solutions, engineering company Future Automation specializes in mechanisms that conceal and reveal displays in modern smart homes, commercial spaces and marine applications. Their unique product line combines functionality with aesthetic appeal to offer greater flexibility for any vision. Future Automation’s in-house design team crafts bespoke solutions for projects small and large, with a vast product line that includes lifts, wall mounts, ceiling mounts, table mounts, projector drops, moving panel mechanisms and more that can be seamlessly integrated into any AV installation. Sculpt the design you desire with beautiful, automated AV lifts and mounts from Future Automation.

Future Automation
JL Audio
JL Audio is a consumer and professional audio manufacturer focused on delivering unique engineering, superior quality and high-performance audio to sound enthusiasts around the world. JL Audio was founded in 1975 on the belief that great audio has real value and that their discerning customers can “tell the difference.” The Florida-based company is known as one of the pioneers of the car audio industry and is also active in the marine, home, mobile and powersports markets. JL Audio is particularly famous for their subwoofers, which have received the highest accolades from audio reviewers and demanding audiophiles around the world and feature proprietary, patented technologies that require unique assembly techniques. Nearly all JL Audio speaker systems are built in the United States and overseen by production and logistics professionals who make sure every product maintains the company’s high-quality standards.
JL Audio
Josh AI

Speak to your smart home like you would a family member or friend with Josh, a sophisticated voice-controlled automation system created by Denver-based artificial intelligence company Josh uses proprietary Natural Language Processing technology so you can command your home in whatever way feels most comfortable. Josh will learn your daily patterns and take note of your preferences to make your smart home experience more effortless than ever. Since its founding in 2015, has put your privacy and protection first, promising never to sell your data and giving you full control over how much information your home collects. Use Josh with best-in-class smart home products like Control4, Lutron, Nest, Sony and more, and control your whole home from anywhere in the world with your smartphone.

Josh AI
Introduce natural light into your spaces with low voltage, tunable LED lighting from a Ketra dealer. The Texas-based company was founded in 2009 and offers the world’s most advanced lighting systems, drenching residential and commercial spaces in the widest range of pristine whites and vibrant colors from a single source. Conjure the warm glow of an incandescent, the cool of moonlight or effortlessly create your own colors with advanced Dynamic Spectrum control. Working with a Ketra dealer not only adds beauty to your spaces in Sherwood Park but encourages improved productivity and relaxation with human-centric lighting that mimics the sun’s rays. Command your Ketra light bulbs and fixtures from the convenience of your smartphone or wireless keypads or integrate Ketra with the rest of your smart home through the Lutron HomeWorks QS luxury automation system.

Inventors of the solid-state dimmer in 1959 and now holders of 2,700 worldwide patents, Lutron has expanded their product offering to more than 15,000 products. A Lutron dealer makes it possible to craft the perfect atmosphere at home or in the workplace in Edmontonto complement your day-to-night activities with personalized lighting and shading control for enhanced comfort and productivity. Recall your favorite settings from a master keypad or remote to easily transform your environment with just a tap or set your lights and shades to adjust on their own so you can focus on the activity at hand. From the workplace to the home, Lutron dealers provide sophisticated solutions for custom lighting and shading that operate seamlessly at your command.

An audiophile favorite since 1953, Marantz delivers uncompromising sound true to the original recording. All Marantz products are crafted with sonic supremacy in mind to provide unmatched hi-fi sound that redefines the listening experience. Each product is the result of purposeful design and state-of-the-art technology that respects tradition while embracing innovation. Having passed rigorous testing at the hands of in-house sound masters, you’ll experience the same extraordinary Marantz signature sound each time. At the heart of all Marantz’ hi-fi audio products is the idea that music matters—and so does the way you listen to it. Let Marantz’ award-winning receivers, amplifiers and wireless music systems transform the way you listen to your favorite music and movies.
Monitor Audio
Since its foundation in 1972, Monitor Audio has specialized in hi-fi loudspeaker designed for any application. The British company delivers sonically superior solutions for surround sound, stereo systems, and discreet architectural installations. Monitor Audio loudspeakers rely on their trademark metal dome drivers to offer more life-like sound than their plastic or paper counterparts. They deliver high-quality sound in indoor and outdoor environments without sacrificing strength or depth. Every music lover will find their perfect match through their full range of standing loudspeakers, bookshelf speakers, soundbars and surround sound speakers. Limit the impact on décor through their elegant SoundFrame solution which masks speakers behind beautiful works of art. Integrate sleek amplifiers that elevate the power and style of stereo or surround sound systems.
Monitor Audio
A group of European audiophiles founded NAD Electronics in 1972 with one goal in mind: combining astounding sound quality with unprecedented value. NAD sound engineers focused on removing the bloated features found in high-end electronics and focusing on the essentials. NAD developed the world's best-selling hi-fi amplifier and the first Dolby C player during the next 40 years. As one of the pioneers in digital sound, they delivered the epitope in high-performance digital amplification. Leveraging a development team now based in Canada, NAD continues to innovate to ensure each product they produce sounds better than the last. Listen to your favorite recordings or movies just as creators intended with their premier lines of amplifiers, processors, AV receivers, turntables, CD players, media players and headphones.
In 1973, Julian Vereker MBE founded Naim Audio to address the poor playback from most hi-fi systems. The self-taught engineer was not content with what was available on the market and began designing his own loudspeakers and amplifiers. Housed initially in a small shop in Salisbury, England, the company now boasts 200 employees at their headquarters in the same city. Each product produced by Naim shows the same dedication to pure and powerful sound through innovative design, expert circuitry, purposeful materials and advanced software and acoustic development. Reach the pinnacle of high-end sound through their streaming players, turntables, CD players, Digital to Analog converters, amplifiers, power supplies and cables. As Bentley’s go-to audio partner, Naim also delivers best-in-class in-car audio systems.
Optimize your smart home automation and AV systems with a Pakedge networking foundation specifically designed for custom integrations. Relying on standard networks is not enough in today’s world filled with IoT devices. Pakedge is dedicated to delivering enterprise-grade solutions that will ensure optimal performance and reliability from your technology. Outfit your network with Pakedge products that allow for swift speeds, reduce network congestion and prioritize latency-sensitive systems. Organize traffic via easily adjustable Pakedge zones, embrace PoE applications through their FlexPower technology and avoid latency issues through Pakedge TruStream. Use their remote monitoring services to actively monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot problems as soon as they occur. This will drastically reduce network downtime that could affect a wide range of smart home products.

More than 50 years of experience in high-performance audio video solutions has made Rotel a premier brand in the industry. Rotel’s dedication to designing, engineering and manufacturing cutting-edge AV products puts them above the rest, while the time they take to build, test and evaluate every model before production only adds to their trustworthy reputation. Supreme sound quality comes from Rotel’s Balanced Design concept which combines component selection, circuit topology and evaluation when building each of their high-end components including amplifiers, DACS, CD players, surround processors, distribution amplifiers and more. Originally started in Japan by Tomoki Tachikawa in 1961, Rotel moved its headquarters to Zhuhai China in 2005.


RTI is a pioneer in control and automation technology, specializing in advanced solutions for the residential, commercial and hospitality industries. Bring harmony to your everyday routines with integrated control of your media, security, climate, lighting and more with a single touch. Flexible and intuitive for your convenience, the RTI interface offers effortless whole-home management from your smart device of choice. Create personalized scenes for every mood, automate your lighting and shading to adjust with the sun, check in on your home while you’re away and so much more. With RTI, you’re investing in technology that adapts to your needs—not the other way around.

Elevate your expectations of home entertainment with Samsung’s most innovative and advanced range of televisions that offer an impeccable visual and auditory experience for film and gaming enthusiasts alike. Samsung’s proprietary Quantum Processor is the mastermind behind their unrivaled QLED 4K and 8K TVs that display a depth of detail, contrast and realism never seen before. Even when not in use, Samsung displays add beauty to your home by transforming into framed artwork or blending into the decorative pattern on your wall, elevating your space while turned on and off.
Sonos envelops every space of your home with brilliant audio, creating a soundscape you can easily customize to play what you want, where you want. With smart, wireless speakers for your music and cinema, Sonos expands crystal-clear audio anywhere you desire and connects to all your favorite media sources for easy, one-tap listening. Seamlessly command your speakers with voice activation or from your smart device of choice and rediscover your favorite music with a sound system that lets you listen your way when you work with a Sonos dealer in St. Albert.
Delight your senses with professional-grade home entertainment solutions designed to harmonize both picture and sound for a breathtaking, true-to-life experience. Unprecedented contrast, color and realism are made possible with Sony’s proprietary technologies that also lead in pixel-by-pixel detail for texture you can practically feel. Whether you’re outfitting a multi-purpose media room or a dedicated private cinema, Sony’s line of premium 4K HDR projectors and TV displays, AV receivers and high-resolution speakers work in tandem to craft the immersive experience intended by film and video game creators.
Stewart Filmscreen Corporation
A leader in the projection screen industry, Stewart Filmscreen Corporation combines elite function, value and quality in all of their products. For 70 years, their extreme attention to detail has resulted in some of the best display solutions for home theaters, digital signage and conference rooms. The designers at Stewart Filmscreen Corporation reject the one-size-fits-all mentality. Whether you need to adapt your screen to ambient lighting, rear projection or an office workflow, Stewart Filmscreen Corporation delivers the ideal model for any application. Their display inventory includes 25 different screen materials, custom-built for each installation. Their brightness and color uniformity make them the go-to company for post-production work by major movie companies and the only screen manufacturer company with two Academy Awards.
Stewart Filmscreen Corporation
Totem Acoustic
Over the past four decades, Canada-based Totem Acoustics has produced “soul movers" that reproduce sound with all its magic intact. All speakers must showcase dynamics, timbre, rhythm and harmonics that genuinely bring music to life. Speakers are made with sturdy materials and expert engineering for long-lasting use with a musical journey that doesn't diminish over time. No matter your audio preferences, Totem Acoustics has a solution for you. Designer loudspeakers can showcase your living room, bookshelf speakers bring ambiance to media rooms or home offices and center speakers and soundbars power movie soundtracks. Enjoy stellar sound quality and great value with the KIN line or embrace luxurious home audio with custom in-wall and in-ceiling architectural models.
Totem Acoustic

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