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5 Reasons to Install Motorized Shades

Luxury home with Lutron motorized shades.

Lutron Shades Provide Convenience, Beauty, and Opportunities to Save Energy

Motorized shades are one of the most popular smart home technologies on the market. Why? Well, not only are motorized shades beautiful, but they also provide homeowners with more control over their homes, increase security, protect their belongings, and so much more. Motorized window treatments from companies like Lutron can truly improve your home in Sherwood Park, AB, and your daily routine. Check out these five reasons you should install motorized blinds in your home.

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1. Automates to Your Routine

Motorized shades make it easy and convenient to open and close your shades. In fact, your shades can open and close by themselves without you having to lift a finger—simply set them on a timer so they open and close right when you want them. For example, they can rise as you wake up and lower at night when you want privacy. They can also close when the sun gets too bright and starts to warm your house a bit too much.

2. Enhanced Security

Motorized shades can help protect your home while you’re away. Homes that appear empty are typically targeted for break-ins. But if you set your shades on a timer, they’ll open and close randomly throughout the day, making it appear that someone is home even if they’re not. Additionally, motorized shades can provide you and your family crucial privacy. 

3. Protects Furniture and Artwork

Natural light is a great way to illuminate a space, but too much of it can actually be damaging. Your furniture and artwork are sensitive to the sun’s UV rays, and too much exposure can cause colors to fade. Motorized shades can close after being open for a certain amount of time and filter UV rays to protect your beautiful furniture and pieces of art.

4. Saves Energy and Costs

If conserving energy or cutting utility costs is high on your priorities, you’ll be happy to hear that motorized shades can help. Having uncovered windows can rapidly heat or cool your home depending on the season, causing your HVAC system to work overtime to balance it out. Motorized shades can close automatically after being open a certain amount of time or if a sensor detects too much light. And if you forget to automate it, you can easily close all your shades right from your phone. 

5. Control Every Shade from One Platform

You don’t have to run around your home to check that all your windows are closed. Your motorized blinds can integrate into one home automation system so that you can open and close shades throughout your home from one device. You can even control them remotely right from your phone.

Do you want to embrace the convenience and protection of motorized shades in your Sherwood Park home? Contact National Audio Video today! We are proud Lutron dealers and can equip your home with the shading solution that suits your needs.

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