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Transform Your Home with LED Lighting Fixtures

A woman in a bedroom lit with blue-green, purple, and magenta LED lighting.

Change Your Lighting for Every Occasion with One Touch

There was a time when home lighting remained at one consistent hue, soft or bright white light. While the ability to dim lights has been around for many years, the colour of the lighting has always remained fairly constant. LED lighting fixtures changed that.

Now, we can experience lights in every colour on the visible light spectrum from a single source. That's about 17 million shades, from artic blue and indigo to soft amber and ruby red, as well as every colour in between. 

So, what does that mean for homeowners in Edmonton? They can now change the lighting to suit any and every occasion with one touch on an elegant keypad or remote. Let’s explore the possibilities in the blog below.

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A Painter’s Palette

At National Audio Video, we partner with industry-leading lighting, home automation, and entertainment brands to provide our clients with the best custom options for their unique needs. In lighting, that brand is Lutron. In 2018, when Lutron acquired the Ketra Lighting company, it gained the world’s most advanced LED lighting technology. This has transformed how we illuminate our home’s forever. 

Today, you can experience effortless control of brilliantly coloured lights, setting the stage for your life’s many activities. We’ll program custom-engraved buttons on in-wall keypads that change the lighting in your home with one touch. For instance, press the ‘Dinner’ button, and the lighting in the dining area settles into the colour of soft golden candlelight while your kitchen lights dim and undercabinet lights turn a sapphire blue.

For our clients who enjoy relaxing at the end of the day, we’ll program a ‘Relax’ button that changes the lighting throughout a home with a single tap of a button. For some, that may translate to the colours of a tropical paradise, such as azure, cerulean, and palm green. Others find peace in shades of lavender or the colours of the setting sun. With today’s lighting, if you can dream it, we can help you achieve it.

A Healthier Home

We can also program a ‘Natural’ button that automatically shifts interior lighting throughout the day. This lighting transition mimics the sun's natural light as it crosses the sky and brings the beauty of daylight to your indoor living spaces. 

At daybreak, the lights take on the soft glow of dawn, then brighten to a blue-hued bright white light. By day’s end, lights dim and soften to a warm amber tone. This lighting shift aligns with our natural circadian rhythm, energizing you during the day and relaxing you in the evening.

Environmentally Conscious

Not only do LED lighting fixtures offer extreme beauty, but they also create a greener home. LED lights use nearly 90% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, possess a much longer lifespan, and are dimmable down to 1% brightness.

From recessed and track lighting to linear light strips, pendants, lamps, and chandeliers, today’s LED light fixtures offer limitless possibilities. Contact National Audio Video today to learn more or schedule a consultation. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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